Khmer Children Lullaby Song


ប្រែបទបំពេរកូនបែបអប់រំ Baby lullaby translation from Khmer into English:


ស្មូតដោយ៖ សាន់ស្រីពៅស្មូតខ្មែរ​ poem reciting by san sreypeov #សានស្រីពៅស្មូតខ្មែរ

Please my dear baby fall asleep and don’t cry

Mom lullabies you soothingly, please don’t cry monster might bite you

Monster eats human has two types, Mom sings to describe for your memory

When you’re grown up, please remember, mom sings for you as following:

  • First monster is the unknowing(uneducated or ignorance), it has big eyes and powerful, they exist everywhere, they like eating those who are lazy to learn, monster of unknowing eats human till blind, it eats nonstopped, it eats billions of human brain who are lazy to study until easily to be swallowed
  • The second type of monster is poor, my dear don’t be glade with it, it has big eyes like bowl, it likes eating human who has disorganized mindset

The poor monster makes human become low in society until others look down, lazy to work, no frugal or thrifty, they always wait lucks to come, my dears deep in my liver and gallbladder, unknowing and poor monsters are always preying humans, straying everywhere to eat humans without being scared by anybody; but if anyone works hard, wakes up and being industrious, tries best to study and work out, both unknowing and poor shall not eat you at all.


ប្រែបទបំពេរកូនបែបអប់រំ Baby lullaby translation from Khmer into English